RSS Feeds are a method of providing notifications and news. In the case of the HALO RSS Feed, notifications are created whenever a new or updated article appears on the HALO Front page, or whenever an event is to happen within the next 30 days, or when a flyer, final details or results are added to the event.

The advantage of using the HALO RSS Feed is that even if you don't look at the web site regularly, you will know when something new is available with a description of the change.

There are many ways of getting RSS Feeds though the most useful are ones that feed to a place you would normally look on a regular basis.

  • If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for email then it has a built in RSS client so that changes to the web site appear like new email messages.
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook or OutLook Express there is an addon from http://www.paradisoft.com/rsspopper/rsspopper.asp which can receive RSS Feeds.
  • If you use GMail there is a FeedReader Gadget which adds the RSS Feed to the sidebar 
  • If all else fails, you could use one of the RSS to email services so that the RSS alerts will arrive in your email inbox. An examples is http://www.feedmailer.net/ - HALO has no opinion of this or similar  products.

 The URL for the HALO RSS feed is http://halo-orienteering.org.uk/rss/index.php